Stuff You Find in Books

I always feel like I've gotten a bonus when purchasing a vintage book and finding a note, a receipt, an advertisement tucked inside. Was it just a book mark or was it hidden for some reason? It's just fun. This post's main image is a book my son brought me from Ireland and inside, a little note from 1942.

But what about in book itself, the spine? Some of my books from the late 1800's-early 1900's have had spine linings with printer's waste or other papers.

The following images show a book that had advertising on the endpapers and an older ad in the spine. I applied a sealant and left it visible when I re-purposed the book to a binder.

Here's another reinforced spine.

Rotating and flipping the image the publisher's embossed name appears.

 What have you found in a book?

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