Carte Postale

I am endeavoring to revive my blog with posts on the background of some of my repurposed items with stories like the following. Look for this lovely card in a future project.

This lovely Carte Postale speaks to many of my interests and hopefully yours such as vintage paper, books, photography, mail art.



In this case specifically “the invitation” or en français, “l'invitation” as seen written on bottom of card.



At the top “Le premier bal de la jeune fille” or “The girl's first ball”.



That’s all nice but what is almost hidden, written on the side makes it more interesting.


Was this her partner to the ball August Cagneraux? He writes “remembernants sinceres amities” or in English “reminiscent of sincere friendships”.



 Another better question would be, is that a pillow for her feet?





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