5 Fun Ways to Fill Your Mini Book

Whenever I am at a venue there is usually one who will ask, “What will I write in it?” I think they feel writing it, putting ink to paper somehow makes it so permanent. No deleting, no backspace but that's ok.

Here's some ideas, directions you can take your journal. Since my mini's can range from 1 x 1.5 inches to 4 x 5 inches not all of the following will fit in the teeny ones :)

    1.   Ink Stamps
    Even the little ones can handle ink stamps like this tiny block.


    2.  Postage Stamps
    These can set themes in different ways, country ,color, etc.

    3.  Handwriting
    Calligraphy artist, just practicing or just love to write.

    4.  Photos
    Set tiny photos with glue dots "larger" can hold 3x3 photos.

    5.  Inspirational Words, Haiku, Poetry
    Even a simple word about the day.
    Have fun!

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